Winter Retreat


1.  Please be in the Highlands parking lot as close to 3:45pm as possible on Friday.  The bus will be leaving at 4pm.  This may mean that you will need to have your bag packed and loaded in the car in the morning, so you can be picked up from school and brought directly to Highlands. 

2.  Please be prepared for both cold weather and physical activity! Weather reports say that the temperatures will dip down below freezing while we are there!  So bring a winter jacket, warm pants, gloves, hat, etc.  We will also be doing many actiive games (such as bubble soccer, climbing walls, ropes course, etc..).  The schedule of activities is attached at the bottom of this page.  Please see the packing list below for everything you will need.

3. There will be limited room for luggage. So, please do not pack more than one bag (stowed) and a small back pack that will fit under your seat.


Who:      All Students in JrHi and SrHi and your friends!

When:    Meet Friday, Jan. 18 at Highlands at 3:45pm and return Monday, Jan. 21 around 5pm.

Where:   Ridge Haven Retreat Center in Brevard, NC  Click here to see the Ridge Haven website

                 You can also see more pictures on their Instagram account

What:    An awesome retreat in the mountains of North Carolina.  We will have lessons and worship together as a group.  There will also be many activities and compeititions with and against other churches that will be there as well. (Rock climbing wall, low ropes course, bubble soccer, mission impossible, etc...)  There will also be nightly events including a massive dance party!  During free time there is an indoor gaming area (carpetball, ping pong, etc), hiking trails, basketball, dogeball, and many other fun activities. 

Cost:   $185  Covers transportation, lodging, and food (except 3 meals on the road).  Please make checks out to Highlands Presbyterian Church and give them to Billy or Devin. 

Packing List & Other Info  (We will be taking a charter bus, which means it won't be possible to make a Walmart run for these things below):

  • Sleeping bag and/or bed sheets for a bunk bed
  • Pillow
  • Bible
  • Snacks (we won't eat dinner until possibly Fri 8:30pm. So bring enough!  We will make at least 1 bathroom/gas station stop in addition.  There is a bathroom on the bus to be used if you really have to go!
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • COLD WEATHER CLOTHING! (Jacket, gloves, hat, etc...)  We will be in the mountains and it will most likely be cold, especially at night.  
  • Clothes and shoes appropriate for light hiking, and VERY active games! (We will be running around and doing ropes course type activities)
  • Flashlight (It is tradition that everyone plays a late night game that requires running around in the dark.  It is awesome!  If you want to be extra hardcore, bring a headlamp!)
  • Games to play on the road and during down time. (We always end up playing some intense card games during our free time, so bring your A game!)
  • Spending cash ($30 should cover travel dinner Friday, lunch Monday and snacks, bring more if you want any souvenirs.)
  • Electronice are fine to bring and use on the bus.  Don't watch/listen to/play anything that you wouldn't want the adults to see/hear. Keep it appropriate, or a leader will take it away
  • Optional: Trash Bag for wet clothes, a DVD or two that is appropiate to watch on the bus, 
What not to bring for the trip
  • Do NOT bring a bad attitude - students will be expected to be in submission to the chaperones and those in charge.
  • Do Not bring any alcohol, tobacco, or illegal narcotics. (You will be sent home immediately at your own expense.)
  • Also no cuddling, sharing beds, kissing, going off alone with get the idea!


Additional Information


Devin Kahan - 601-497-0755

Jim Scott -  205-907-4614

Johnathan Hillerman - 601-594-6560

Mary Moore - 6016927085

Emiy Wheat - 601-201-8296

Cayla Weeks - 6019553187


Jack Adams

Hannah Bartley

Abigail Booth

Alden Bailey

Anna Booth

Jacob Bartley

Adisyn Boyd

Adrian Boyd

Mary Logan Clark

Alijah Boyd

Katherine Copeland

Ford Copeland

Emily Dew

Samuel Copeland

Julia Farmer

Jacob Dew

Kate Gandy

Hank Harrison

Holden Heigle

Hayden Harrison

Davis Owens

Lynnlee Johnson

Dave Roberts

Mirai Jones

Richard Lewis Ridgway

 Madeline Owens

Walker Watson

Rachel Pierce

Webb Wilson

Camille Robinson


Lydia Waters


Amanda Hillerman