The Edge 2011

Devin Kahan on July 5, 2011

Here are some in-the-moment updates for you from our amazing trip:

Tuesday (6/21)
- The Edge Day 1 was crazy great, too bad my Jr. High boys room smells like death + axe

Wednesday (6/22) 
- Happy Birthday Caroline Pettis.  I'm glad u r here at The Edge.  I got u a mountain, i hope you like it
- Water Fest 2011 @ The Edge was "muddy, dirty, fun, crazy, spectacular, wet, painful, and slippery" according to the dudes.
- Excited to see what God does in tonight's meeting @ The Edge.  Psalm 100:5

Thursday (6/23) 
- God showed His faithfulness to the jr high @ edge_conference last night in a big way.  Today:  White Water Rafting on the Ocoee.  YEAH BUDDY!
- Rafting:  Anna, Caroline, and Devin were terrified putting their lives into the hands of the Rhodes brothers, but they did great under the pressure...FEW!
- Edge Got Talent:  "This amazing yo-yo guy makes Devin look like an amateur." -Steven Hillerman

Friday (6/24) 
- I don't care what u think u must do next summer.  The Edge is better.  Plan NOW to go in 2012.  Dates are June 23 - 27
- We're Back...and so the battle begins to worship the one true God and not some false idol.  We're great worshipers, it's our gods that stink!  1 Kings 18-19

One Sentence Summaries of The Edge experience:

  • The Edge was an amazing way to get closer to God, meet new people from the southeast, and make wonderful memories that will last a long time.  -MK
  • extremely fun and spiritual place.  I am so glad that i was able to go. -Drennan
  • An exciting fun way to get closer to God. -JAnderson
  • Fun and life changing. JRhodes
  • Cool and i grew closer to God.  LRhodes
  • A crazy fun middle school party for God -Devin
  • It's inspiring with a twist of fun as it opens you up to a different mind set of worship.  -Alex
  • An amazing trip, both spiritually and physically.  -Steven
  • A moving week to find your place with God and to see his light shine throughout the whole week! Megan Kelly
  • It was a BLAST, but it was more than just that; it was a convicting week that showed me that the life I was living was not enough and it gave me a hunger to fully submit to our awesome God!  Haley Rountree