Tonight is #LOLO (Live Out Loud Opportunity) @ small groups, each JrHi small group will meet at The U at 4:45pm and get picked up at 7pm @ The U.  THERE WILL BE NO FOOD TONIGHT and NO LIBERTY TONIGHT!

(SrHi groups will be doing this at different times on Sunday, make sure they contact their small group leader)

Each group will need to pick a neighborhood that one of your people live in. pick one close by with lots of houses next to each other. If u can't think of one go to a neighborhood near the church
1. You will go door to door in groups of 2 to 3 collecting canned goods for MadCaap (Madison Countians Allied Against Poverty). 
2. Students will also ask if there is anyway that they can pray for that person. 
Ask some follow up questions with the goal of having a conversation about God like:
Are you a Christian?
How did you become a Christian?
Are you involved in a church?
Ask them if we can we pray for you right now?
If they aren't home/don't answer pray for them that they would know the hope that comes with Jesus
Return to the U by 6:45pm for debrief in the JrHi room


#LOLO @ Church

An opportunity to walk the walk

LOLO stands for "Live Out Loud Opportunity".  Live Out Loud is all about putting faith into action.  We've come up with 3 specific ways for students to serve the church, and we hope that everyone will participate in one area.  Ideally, we are looking for each student to do their job about once a month.  After sign ups we will come up with a schedule that we will make available to parents and students.  We will start Aug 21 (Sun) and Aug 24 (Wed).

1)  Sunday School Assistant, 9:30-10:30am - Your job is to interact with the kids, help with crowd control, and work with the adult teachers to lead in various ways (praying, teaching, etc.).  There has to be at least a 4 grade difference, so for example, a 7th grader can only help out with the 3rd grade class or younger.

2)  Wednesday Kitchen Assistant, 5-5:45pm.  Your job is to help set up for Wednesday night dinners from 5:00 - 5:45pm.  This could involve helping set out the drinks, ice, salad bar, trays, etc. You will help Kim Eichelberger.

3)  Wednesday Playground Leader, 5:40 - 6:10pm.  Your job is to help the adult get the kids to the playground from the dinner, play with the kids, and make sure they all are playing nicely.

We have some one-time #LOLOs throughout the year like The Reformation Celebration (Oct 30), VBS (June 5-9), and others.  You will get info on these when the time comes.